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Day & Boarding Options

Both Day pupils and Boarders share the same Houses, enabling strong friendships and comradery to flourish among all pupils throughout the College.

Pupils can board when they join the Senior School in Year 7 (Form 1) though to Sixth Form. From Year 10 (Form 4) upwards, all Boarders have their own modern, comfortable study bedrooms which can be personalised, whilst the younger pupils share dormitories with two or three other students.

Our boarding is very flexible, especially at weekends; from Saturday teatime onwards, Boarders choose to stay at school to work, relax or join in family life at home. There are beds for Day pupils too if they wish to try boarding, or if they need to stay over.

Pupils are allocated to the House relevant to their age and gender until they join Sixth Form when they may join the dedicated co-educational Sixth Form house.

Boarders’ weekends are full, busy and purposeful through the provision of an extensive programme of activities run by our Boarding Activities Coordinator.

The five Houses at Rendcomb College are located on the school’s campus and within easy reach of classrooms and sports facilities. Each with their own character and style, the Houses offer an ideal setting for all pupils to thrive and develop under the guidance of the Houseparents and their pastoral and domestic teams.

Update: From September 2018 there will be significant changes to the Senior School timetable including the restructuring of Saturday School activities. For more information on next years changes click here.

Boarding options at Rendcomb College

Full Boarding

Pupils stay on campus throughout term time, going home to their parents or to their Guardian during exeat weekends, Half Terms and at the end of each term.

Weekly Boarding (available in Years 7, 8 and 9)

Pupils board Monday to Saturday and go home to their parents or to their Guardian after the school day on Saturday and return back to House on Sunday evening or for Registration on Monday morning.

Flexi Boarding

Day Pupils may stay over in House up to 3 nights per week. This option is popular on Friday nights, when pupils have late fixtures/concerts and to provide a break from the school commute. Day Pupils also use Flexi Boarding to see whether Boarding would be a suitable option for them.

This option can be booked on a regular or ad-hoc basis.