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Mrs Sarah Read

Qualifications: BA (Hons) English Literature; PGCE; Chartered Teacher of English; currently studying for Masters in Education.

Mrs Read has been a professional Teacher for ten years and has worked across the education spectrum; from behavioural units through the maintained sector to the independent. Prior to this she worked in recruitment and spent time backpacking across Australia and America. She joined the Rendcomb English department six years ago and, in addition to being Head of English, has been a tutor, Head of Lower School, evening duty tutor in Park House and games coach.

Outside of education, Mrs Read enjoys running, yoga, reading and travelling. The thing she loves most about Rendcomb and Park house are the Pupils and the atmosphere they create.

“Everyone is  interesting and interested, both marks of great thinkers and leaders, which results in engaging and informative conversations throughout the day.”

Mrs Read's favourite boarding activities are anything that involve running around and laughing, especially paintball and the ‘Jumptastic’ trampoline park.

“Our aim in Park is to build on students’ confidence toward the next step in their independent lives as they move on to university and the world of work”

FUN FACT: Mrs Read once won a horse riding trophy that Zara Phillips MBE had won the previous year!